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German version

A German version of our Wiki is also available.

(Dieses Handbuch gibt es auch in einer deutschsprachigen Version.)


Welcome to the Wiki help pages of the TV-Browser project! You can get a lot of information about TV-Browser here. Can't find what you're looking for? Got good ideas for new articles? This section is free for editing, so you can alter or add missing parts as you like.

Please post your questions about TV-Browser in our forum.

About TV-Browser

About Wiki


1. Install
2. Update
3. How to start
4. Setup assistant
5. Appearance
6. Keyboard shortcuts
7. Settings
8. Available TV/radio stations, cinemas and events
9. Backup

Features and Plugins

Most features of TV-Browser are realized as a Plugin.

  1. Blog this! - Simply do a Blog entry by one mouse click.
  2. Capture Plugin - Enables TV-Browser to control external applications or devices e.g. for recording.
  3. Send e-mail - Send program info via e-mail.
  4. Reminder - To remind on a program, you want to see.
  5. Growl - Growl-Plugin
  6. View List - Displays the available program data in a list.
  7. Favorite programs - Manages your favourite programs.
  8. Calendar Export - Exports programs to a scheduler such as "Outlook".
  9. News - TV-Browser news.
  10. Print program - Prints the TV program.
  11. Program information - Shows detailed information about one program.
  12. Search - Search for programs.
  13. Showview number calculator - To generate the "Showview" numbers.
  14. TV Rater - To rate broadcasts and to see reviews from other users.
  15. WebPlugin - Hand over broadcastings to web pages (e.g. for searching by "Google")
  16. Clipboard - To collect broadcasts and forwards cluster to plugins.

Descriptions of further functions and Plugins you will find in this overview.

Tutorials and Examples

  1. Filterrules
  2. Filterrules - Example: Subtitle

For Developers

  1. Providing TV listings
  2. Plugin developers