Keyboard Shortcuts

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=== Commands === The following commands are defined for keyboard operations:
  • CTRL + Cursor: navigates through the program table in the direction of the cursor keys
  • CTRL + D: unmarks the current highlighting
  • CTRL + P: switches to the day before
  • CTRL + N: switches to the next day
  • D: simulates a mouse-double-click on the currently highlighted show
  • M: simulates a mouse-middle-click on the currently highlighted show
  • R or the context-menu-key (from JRE 5.0): opens the context-menu of the highlighted show
The following commands are available in combination with the mouse:
  • Shift + left-click: highlight the current show/unmark the current show
  • Shift + left-click + drag the mouse with the left button pressed: start the dragging of the show (the target of the dragging are the plugins in the plugin-overview)