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Some topics are out of date

Since this page was created, new features have been added to TV-Browser. Screenshots and descriptions should be updated to reflect the new features. The body text of this page should be changed as well.

What is this?

Program information viewer provides you with detailed information for the particular broadcasts.


Program info context.png

Click with the right mouse button on any program. In the following menu press on Program Details and you receive the following dialog:

Program info dialog.png

On the left side you see the functions provided for the program. For instance if you want to search a particular expression in the program description text you press on Search in program and type in the search expression. As an alternative you can also search the description by simply typing the expression (so-called Find As You Type).

In the lower left corner you see the Configure View button. If you press it you will be redirected to the configuration of the Program info viewer.

If you don´t like the quality of the description please read this document.


Information Selection/Ordering

Program info settings sorting.png

In this part of the settings you can decide which information is shown in which order. Sort the values with the arrow-buttons or via Drag'n'Drop of the list entries.



Font settings

Program info settings font.png

With the setting Antialiasing you let the font edges be smoothened. Choose Use user fonts to define the font types and their height.


Program info settings design.png

Choose the desired Design from the DropDown box.


Program info settings functions.png

If you deselect the setting Show functions in sidebar the sidebar will be removed from the program info dialog and replaced by a functions button.

If you choose to show functions in the sidebar you can turn off the entry Search in program (for instance because you use Find As You Type) by deselecting the setting Show "Search in program".