How to fix update problems

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No connection

Correct date?

If no error message appears but nothing new is downloaded, check the date settings of your computer!

Is a Firewall installed?

Your firewall should allow TV-Browser to use outgoing port 80.

The name of the proces that actually initiates the connection, depends on the Operating System you use, e.g.

  • Windows: javaw.exe
  • Mac OS X: JavaApplicationStub

You can read about how to do this in the documentation of your firewall or in this guide.

Is GData Antivir installed?

GData Antivir has problems if internet traffic monitoring is enabled. Please disable internet traffic monitoring.

Is a proxy installed?

If you are using a proxy server, you have to set it up in TV-Browsers Proxy Settings.

Is the data path correct?

Make sure the path entered in TV-Browser/Settings.../Technical settings/Directories exists.

Only some days/channels are missing

If only the data of some days or channels are missing you should first check here or here if the data for that day is available.

If that's the case you should update a second time. Sometimes you encounter a mirror server that is not completely up to date.

If this doesn't help you should remove all files with names starting with 200*_ in Install path/tvdata/tvbrowserdataservice.TvBrowserDataService. These contain the data of the servers.

Also remove all files in Install path/tvdata with de_ or at_ and try to update again. If this still doesn't work ask in our forum.