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Install Java

TV-Browser requires the Java Runtime Environment, the JRE. Before attempting to install TV-Browser, you should first install the Java runtime

Installing TV-Browser

The installation of TV-Browser differs slightly depending on the operating system you use. Instructions are given below.


The Windows version of TV-Browser installs using a standard installer wizard. After downloading the installer, double click it and follow the instructions. (Optional: click to 'save' the file)


To install on MacOS X simply open the disk image and start the installer.

Debian,Ubuntu and Suse

For these operating systems there are pre-made packets to use with the various packet managers. These packets are available here.

Other Systems

For all other systems download and extract the zip file or try the packages page.

Post-Install Options

If you want to install TV-Browser for multiple users you can change the TV listings folder to a shared directory. This helps to reduce the traffic generated by TV-Browser. Since our traffic is donated to us, everyone should try to use as little as possible.

If you have problems with the installation, please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or post your question in the TV-Browser Forum.

General Information

A TV-Browser installation consists of the following files and directories:

Installation directory

imgs/ The images
plugins/ This directory contains the plugins. If you download plugins from the internet, move them into this folder. TV-Browser will automatically detect them.
themepacks/ This directory contains the skins for TV-Browser. You can also put them into any other directory.
tvdataservice/ This directory contains the TV-DataServices. The default installation contains exactly one TV-DataService, called TvBrowserDataService, which loads the TV listings of TV-Browser.

Home directory

The Home directory contains the respective users' settings.