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To start TV-Browser for

  • Windows: launch tvbrowser.exe
  • Mac OS X: launch
  • Other: launch, or alternatively java -jar tvbrowser.jar

Note: for Linux/Unix must be marked as executable first. In the directory of TV-Browser execute

chmod 755


The following additional parameters are supported:

-minimized Start TV-Browser minimized
-nosplash Suppress the splash screen
-Duser.home=/SETTINGS This directory will contain the .tvbrowser direcory (the so called Home directory)
-Duser.language=en Sets the language of TV-Browsers (en=English, de=German...)

In Windows, these parameters can simply be appended to those of tvbrowser.exe. E. g.,

tvbrowser.exe -minimized

In Unix you have to append these parameters to tvbrowser.jar. E. g.: -minimized

As of TV-Browser 2.0, these parameters can also be set permanently in the settings dialog under General Settings--> Start.