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Which cinemas are available for TV-Browser?

  • Cineplex cinemas (Bad Kreuznach, Bruchsal, Elmshorn, Frankfurt (Main), Friedrichshafen, Goslar, Limburg, Lippstadt, Mannheim, Marburg, Münster (Westf), Naumburg (Saale), Paderborn, Singen, Suhl, Warburg (Westf))
  • Breitwand cinemas (Herrsching, Seefeld, Starnberg)
  • About 100 CineStar cinemas in over 80 cities, among them also many small cinemas - a list of all cinemas can be found at the "CineStar" web pages
  • Hollywood Megaplex cinemas in Austria (Innsbruck, Linz, St. Pölten, Wien (2))
  • Cineworld cinema (in the "Mainfrankenpark")
  • Schillerhof cinema in Jena (Thuringia)

When is my favorite cinema available?

Perhaps soon, perhaps never - it's the same as with the TV data: One (or several) cinema(s) will be available, when there is someone providing them. Also you can settle that - try it!

How can I provide a cinema guide?

For this the same procedure as when offering TV data is necessary.

  • Ask your cinema if you are allowed to use and provide the data

For any problems or questions please use our forum. We will help you as fast as possible.

How can I add the cinema-guide?

If you are using TV-Browser 2.1 or higher, you can use the channel/channel groups refresh buttons within the settings. For older versions please follow this instructions:

  • Click "Settings" -> "TvDataServices" -> "TV-Browser"
  • Open "Channel groups"
  • Click "Add"
  • Now you can type in the URL to the cinema guides
    • Breitwand:
    • CineStar:
    • Cineworld:
    • Hollywood Megaplex:
    • Jena Schillerhof:
    • Wiesbaden Caligari:
  • Activate the channel group
  • Click the "Refresh" button near the channellist - the new cinemas will appear in the left column soon
  • Move the desired cinemas to the right column (list of active channels)
  • At last, click the "Refresh" button in the main menu

I receive the 'No mirror found for group' message

  • Check your web connection
  • Check your firewall
  • Check the channel group's URL

Are there some other hints for me?

Sure. To seperate TV or radio channels from the cinema's data, you can setup a filter rule. So it is quite easy to switch between TV/radio and cinema schedules. For more information have a look at Filter rules or Filter rules - example: Subtitle.