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What is this?

This plugin makes it possible to select several broadcasts and forward them to other plugins. At the moment this plugin is only useful together with the Calendar Export Plugin. You can create a list of broadcasts which can then be saved as vCal/iCal.

On longer terms it is planned to change all plugins (at least where it makes sense) so that they can forward and receive their lists. For instance the Printing Plugin can be named. Therefore it would be possible to copy a list of broadcasts to clipboard and print them together. Or to simply send all reminders of the Reminder Plugin to the Calendar Export Plugin.

Configuration of the plugin

To add a broadcast to the clipboard you have to click on it with the right mouse button. The context menu appears. There you choose copy to clipboard. The broadcast is now copied to the clipboard.

To manage broadcasts or to send them to another plugin choose Clipboard in the Plugins menu. The following dialog appears: Clipboardplugin dialog.png

In this dialog you can use the arrow buttons on the right side to change the order of the broadcasts. With the trash button under these buttons you can remove an entry from the list.

With the button on the lower left you can forward the selected broadcasts to another plugin. For instance you can save all appointments to a vCal/iCal file.

The second button on the lower left with the clipboard symbol is used to copy all broadcasts to the system clipboard.