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Some parts of this article are outdated.

We are now on JRE 1.6. The MacOS, Suse and Ubuntu sections should be updated to reflect this. Someone with knowledge of these systems is invited to make these changes. After doing so, please remove the relevant OS name from this message box.


There are various vendors developing their own version of Java, e.g. Sun, IBM, Blackdown, etc. For TV-Browser we are only able to support the Sun Java-environment. Due to lack of time, we are unable to support the other Java implementations.

Some Linux distributions do not have Sun Java, but offer one of the free alternatives (read about reasons for this in the article by Richard Stallman). Nevertheless you should install Sun's Java Environment to be sure that TV-Browser works correctly.


JRE is short for Java Runtime Environment. If all you wish to do is use Java programs, this is what you will need. Most people will only need the JRE.

For those who would like to try and develop their own Java applications the JDK (Java Development Kit) is more appropriate. As well as all the functions of the JRE, the JDK also offers developer tools.

TV-Browser will run with either the JRE or the JDK so the choice is yours.


If you only want the JRE, download the newest version from the Java website and install it. If you want the JDK version visit the Java developers homepage and download the Java SE JDK.


MacOS X comes with a JRE already installed. Unfortunately it is version 1.4 and has a few problems with our dialogues. To fix this problem, you should install Java 1.5.

To do so, take the following steps:

  • Download and install Java 1.5 release 3
  • In /Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/Java Preferences go to "Java Application Runtime-Settings" and, using your mouse, drag the J2SE 5.0 version above the 1.4.2 version.


On Debian systems, Blackdown Java is installed by default. Unfortunately, it is not absolutely compatible to Sun Java, which makes it necessary to install Sun Java.

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As described in step 2 in the manual, there are various Java versions you may choose from. We recommend installing the JRE or JDK offered by Sun, as most developers of Java programs use this version of Java.




In Yast, go to Software>Install or Remove Software. Then search for Java and install the java-1_5_0-sun-packages.


(K)Ubuntu offers only GCJ, which is the free Java-environment. Unfortunately, it is not yet hundred per cent compatible with the Sun VM and therefore can not be used with TV-Browser.

Please install the Sun VM, taking the following steps:

  • Add this source:
deb breezy java
  • Install package "sun-j2re1.5"
  • In a terminal, enter:
sudo update-alternatives --config java
  • Now select the SUN VM in the list.

The Sun VM is now installed.

For further information, go to: