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This article is a translation of an article in the German TV-Browser wiki that needs completing.

This article has only been partially translated from the original German article CapturePlugin. Capable speakers of both German and English are invited to help in finishing this translation.

What's this?

The Capture Plugin makes it possible to control other programs and devices by the TV-Browser. This ist especially made for programming of recordings. But it is very flexible. There is nearly nothing you can't do with this plugin and some scripts. For example switching to the chosen broadcast. Some users have posted different configurations in the Forum. We'll show them in the list of example configurations.

Configuration of the Plugin

List of recordings

Plugin CapturePlugin Settings List.png

When you start the program you'll first see the list of programmed recordings. Please note that this list isn't always complete. If you record broadcastings directly with your device/program they will probably not appear here. Please always check the display or output of your device/program.

With the wastebasket-symbol on the rigt you can delete recordings out of the list. They will be deleted out of the device/program, too.

List of devices

Plugin CapturePlugin Settings Devices.png

In the device-area you can add new devices. A "device" is the connection to one of your programs or devices. For example you can control a Set-Top-Box with a program on your PC.