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Plugin Search.png

The Search Plugin makes provides a tool to search the data of TV-Browser.

You can restrict the search to a certain period of time und a certain search field. For instance you can only search in the search field "Actor". Please pay attention to the Program data quality. Therefore you can for instance search for broadcasts with the word Documentary appearing in their description.

Other provided search options are:

"Match exactly" hear the text has to match exactly for the broadcast to appear on the results list. You can for instance separate between the two programmes Enterprise and Star Trek: Enterprise. So with Godfather you won´t find The Godfather, you would have to search for The Simpsons.
"Keyword" hear it is enough for the search text to appear in the field. In this case a search for "Godfather" would also find "The Godfather" or "The Godfather Part II".
"regular expression" here you can name a regular expression.
"Boolean Search" here you can create a search expression with AND / OR / NOT and (). Please take care that the commands are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.