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On the upper right of the TV-Browsers Iconbar (funnel-icon) you can filter out the broadcasts. You can see all broadcasts, only marked or you can define your own filter and use them here.

What does that mean?

For instance you can only show shows which are called "Zeit im Bild" and broadcasted on "ORF" or see only broadcasts which are longer than 40 minutes and stereo.

And now "How to do that?!":

As an example i will show you how to filter broadcasts stations (...and there are quite much more possiblities ;-))...

Behind the funnel-icon is a pulldown menu. By default the "show all" is marked, which will mean that no filter is set an you see all broadcasts from all stations. By choosing "Edit filter..." a window will show where you can define, redefine or delete your filtersets.

Create a filter

In our case we want to add a new filter. So just click the "New..." Button ;-).

Now a dialog is presented with three areas:

1. Filter name: Here you put the "prettyname" of the filter you are defining. In our case "Austrian Channels".

2. Filter rule: Here the filterrules are defined. As the example shows you can link several filter components (more later in the text) and associate them using "and", "or", "not" also parenthesise is possible. But in our case we still do not have filter components, so let's goon there ;-)

3. Filter components: Here you can see your defined filter components and define your statements which are used in your filter-queries . ATTENTION: All filter components you define are NOT unique for THIS filter. By deleting one you might kill some other filters!

Create a filter component

Now we are going to create a filter component wich will filter for all austrian channels.

As first you have to click "New". Now there are also several things to be defined:

1. Component name: That is the name of your filter component (NOT the name of the filter!). In our case we will type in "AustrianChannels".

2. Description: Here you should place a short description of you filter component. This will be show on the filter-editting-menu! In our case "only austrian channels" that's okay, isn't it? ;-))

3. Type: Now it is going to be interesting. Here you have to choose between the different possiblities. You can choose "Program length" (ie all programs longer than 20 minutes) or "Additional Information" (ie Subtitles). But in our case we want to see dedicated channels so we choose "Channel".

4. Component settings Now you simply check all the channels you want. In our case the austrian like orf-1, orf-2, atv,...

That's it. Finish the definition part by clicking "OK" and your filter component is created. You can define some more filter components within this session and they will be link to the filter with an "or" statement automatically.

Examples for filterrules

A detailed example can be found at: Filterrules - Example: Subtitle (to be written..) or Filterrules - Example: Films or Filterrules - Example: Word Search