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A tray is a small area in the taskbar (Wikipedia).

To use the tray Java 5 has to be installed. The tray works with Windows and KDE. It doesn't work correctly in Gnome.

Basic settings

Settings Tray Basic.png

Here you can activate the tray and choose the behavior of the TV browser.

Program display

You can customize the tray at your will. Display only important programs or programs that will start soon.

Important programs

Settings Tray Important.png

Important programs are important because they got tagged by different functions. (e.g. Reminder) This helps you to get an overview of important programs.

Currently running programs

Settings Tray Current.png

A list with currently running programs.

Programs starting soon

Settings Tray Soon.png

Programs that will run after the current one.

Programs at ...

Settings Tray Programs.png

Program that will be running at significant times can be shown here. The orange background shows how much of a program has already run by then.


Settings Tray Channels.png

If you only want to show some of the channels in the tray, you can change this here. This settings doesn't affect "Important Programs" settings. This way you won't miss an important program.