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In the section TVDataServices you can configure installed Data services.

Data services are external components whose task it is to download TV listings and provide it to TV-Browser. At least one Data service is needed for TV-Browser to have listings to process.

The standard installation of TV-Browser includes the Data service "TV-Browser" which downloads the TV listings offered by the TV-Browser Team.

The following description refers to a standard installation. Settings TVBrowserDataService.png

Download additional information

On this tab you can select which additional information TV-Browser should download.

You can choose not to download this when, for example, you have a slow internet connection or you don't need extra descriptions for a movie.

There's also the possibility to load images for programs, but this is still experimental and functions only for the "" channel.

Channel groups

Settings TVBrowserDataService channelgroups.png

Here you can add other channel groups. A channel group is a group of channels which is hosted by someone on a server. We introduced channel groups so that other people can offer TV listings.

The "Information" button shows additional information about a channel group. For example which channels are in a certain channel group.