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General Options

Settings Program general.png

Layout of programs

Here you can choose wether the TV Browser displays time synchronous or compact. Compact is time independent display method.

Column width

This control can be used to adjust the column width.


Here the start and the end of a day can be adjusted.

Mouse over effect

This effect highlights a program which is currently under the cursor.

Table background

Here you can choose different background styles.


This is the simplest style. The background is white.

Setup programtable background white.jpg

One image

Setup programtable background oneimage.png

With this option you assign the indicated picture to each column.

Setup programtable background oneimage demo.jpg

Time of day

Setup programtable background timeofday.png

This option selects a different background for each time of the day. You can change how the day is divided in the Setup - Time Buttons

please note that the "time synchronous" option is not 100% accurate, only a compromise. Thus jou will see:

Setup programtable background timeofday demo.jpg


Setup programtable background timeblock.png

This option is based on early television newspapers where the channels are divided into blocks. Please note that it doesn't make sense to use this option in combination with the "compact" view. Please use the "time synchronous" view instead.

With the option "Show left border", the start times of each block are displayed at the left side.

Setup programtable background timeblock demo.jpg