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Settings programdisplay.png

Here you can change what the channels in the program table will look like.

Plugin icons

Some plugins are able to place symbols in the bottom right corner of a show. An example for this is the TV-Rater plugin. Here you can choose which plugin icons will be displayed and in which order.

Please note that if there's not enough space to display all neccessary icons, only the first icons are shown. As soon as there is not enough space available for the icons, no new icon is added. This might lead to a situation where, for example, a plugin could present an icon, but for space reasons it is however not shown.

Info text

The info text is all the text that is displayed under a programs title. Mark those fields whos information you want to show and set their order. Please keep in mind that the program information at our disposal is not always accurate enough to be able to show all information. (see also data quality)


Here you can change the colors of the programs in the program table.