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Nightly builds can be downloaded here:

Nightly builds

ATTENTION: The nightly version may contain heavy bugs. If you find such a bug, please report it as bug of the nightly version (with date) in the Message board.

To make sure that your installation of TV-Browser is not harmed by using the nightly version it is delivered as a transportable version. So it will import all settings and TV data first to work on a different data set.

To start the nightly version simply extract the ZIP file and start the tvbrowser.jar with a double click. You can also copy the tvbrowser-transportable.exe or in the directory of the nightly version to start the nightly with it.

If you want to use the new features and bug fixes in your installation you can overwrite the tvbrowser.jar in the installation directory with the tvbrowser.jar from the nightly version. But keep in mind that it may contain heavy bugs.