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These symbols are used in TV-Browser:

Image:Info_16to9.png 16:9
Image:Info_BlackAndWhite.png Black and white
Image:Info_DolbyDigital51.png Dolby Digital 5.1
Image:Info_DolbySurround.png Dolby Surround
Image:Info_Mono.png Mono
Image:Info_Stereo.png Stereo
Image:Info_TwoChannelTone.png Two channel tone
Image:Info_OriginalWithSubtitle.png Original with subtitle
Image:Info_SubtitleForAurallyHandicapped.png Subtitle for aurally handicapped
Image:Info_AudioDescription.png Audio description is available for people with limited vision
Image:Info_HasPicture.png Program info contains a picture
Image:Info_Live.png Program is live
Image:Info_New.png Program has not been on air before.
Image:Info_Movie.png This program is a movie.
Image:Info_Series.png This program is a series.
Image:Info_News.png This program is news.
Image:Info_Infotainment.png This program is a magazine or infotainment.
Image:Info_Show.png This program is a show.

Please note that these might not be available for every channel. See also Data quality.

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