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[edit] Usage

If you encounter errors that crash TV-Browser the log files can potentially provide useful error information to the developers.

[edit] Activation

Logging must be activated by modifying a configuration file. Logging cannot be activated in the Settings.

In TV-Browsers Program Install directory one of the following files (depending on the OS) exists:, or

Open the file for the respective OS (Windows = usw.) and modify the section "# The folder for logging". Remove the "#" in front of the path #logdirectory=... . Modify the path if required. Always use "/" instead of "\" (regardless of OS). "#" marks the start of a comment - any subsequent characters on the same line will be ignored.

The transportable version has no *.properties files. You need to add the #logdirectory=... line in the fiole settings.prop . settings.prop is located in ./settings/<VERSION>/ in the TV-Browser (transportable) directory.

[edit] Some Samples

[edit] Windows




[edit] Linux


Once activated the log file tvbrowser.log will be created in the specified directory. This file will be overwritten on every start.

[edit] Deactivation

To deactivate logging the respective line must be commented out by prepending "#" .

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