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Everyone with a bit of programming experience can provide channels for TV-Browser. These channels will then be displayed in TV-Brower as so called "channel groups". To use channel lists which are not included by default you first have to add their URLs in Settings -> TVDataServices -> TV-Browser -> Channel groups.

Update the channel groups

To get channel groups from other 3rd-party providers displayed in TV-Browser you have to update the list of available channel groups.

Do do this go to Settings -> Channels table -> Channel groups and click the "Refresh list" button. Please note that you have to be online to do this.

After the update new channel groups have been added to the list. Next you have to activate the channel groups you need. To do that simply choose the appropriate group and click the Enable button. It's recommended to select the needed channel groups only.

If you want to read some information about a certain channel group just select it and click the Info button.

Update channels

In Settings -> Channels table -> Channels click "Update channel list". The newly selected channels will show up in the left listbox. To subscribe to a channel just move it to the right listbox using the appropriate buttons in the middle. To finally add the new channels click Apply and finally update your TV listings.