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Plugins are program modules which extend the basic functionality of TV-Browser.

A concept behind TV-Browser is that its program kernel remains small and slim. The kernel is just responsible for maintaining and displaying tv-data, as well as maintaining plugins and user settings. This ensures that the kernel program remains stable. Using plugins, the user can activate exactly the desired functions. Moreover plugins allow users to add new functionality. There are two kinds of plugins:

  • "normal" plugin
  • TV-Data Services
The developers area explains how to create your own plugins.

"Normal" Plugins

A so-called "normal" plugin extends TV-Browser by functionality which is related to tv-data. This might for instance be a service reminding the user if a certain show starts.

TV-Data Services

TV-data services supply TV-Browser with data. Every update of the TV listings makes the TV-Data services download the new data.

TV-Browsers own TV-Data service can get listings of any number of servers that provide them in our format. How you can provide such a service yourself is explained in the TV-Data tutorial.

This mechanism can in fact be used to provide all sorts of data from any source and in any format.

Installation of Plugins

To install plugins you can use the button Plugins->Manage Plugins->Update/Install plugins.

Plugins downloaded from other sources (e.g., from the plugin page) as a *.jar file can simply be dropped with the mouse into the TV-Browser window, or can alternatively be copied into the plugins directory. In Mac OS this is the /Library/Application Support/TV-Browser/plugins directory.

Finally,you have to restart TV-Browser, activate and possibly configure the plugin.

Data plugins can be found in Settings - TVDataServices.

  • Note for Mac OS X Users: the plugins directory is in Volume/Library/Application Support/TV-Browser/plugins.

Features and Plugins

Most features of TV-Browser are realized as a Plugin.

  1. Blog this! - Simply do a Blog entry by one mouse click.
  2. Capture Plugin - Enables TV-Browser to control external applications or devices e.g. for recording.
  3. Send e-mail - Send program info via e-mail.
  4. Reminder - To remind on a program, you want to see.
  5. Growl - Growl-Plugin
  6. View List - Displays the available program data in a list.
  7. Favorite programs - Manages your favorite programs.
  8. Calendar Export - Exports programs to a scheduler such as "Outlook".
  9. News - TV-Browser news.
  10. Print program - Prints the TV program.
  11. Program information - Shows detailed information about one program.
  12. Search - Search for programs.
  13. Showview number calculator - To generate the "Showview" numbers.
  14. TV Rater - To rate broadcasts and to see reviews from other users.
  15. WebPlugin - Hand over broadcastings to web pages (e.g. for searching by "Google")
  16. Clipboard - To collect broadcasts and forwards cluster to plugins.

Descriptions of further functions and Plugins you will find in this overview.