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German Version

The German version of our Wiki can be found here!


Welcome to the English Version of our Wiki!

We're sorry, but this site is still under construction, so you won't find all articles like in the German Version. If you need more information, please refer to the German Version.

If you want to help us translating this version, please do it! Simply copy the structure of the German Wiki and translate some of the articles.

You have translated some pages? Add yourself to the List of Translators.


1. Install
2. Update
3. How to start
4. Setup assistant
5. Appearance
6. Keyboard operation
7. Settings
8. Available stations
9. Backup

Features and Plugins

The most features in TVBrowser are realized as a Plugin.

  1. Blog this! - Simply do a Weblog entry by one mouse click.
  2. Capture Plugin - Makes it possible to configure foreign programs or devices by TVBrowser.
  3. Send e-mail - Send broadcastings per email.
  4. Reminder - Reminds broadcastings, you want to see.
  5. Growl - Grow - Plugin
  6. View list Plugin - Shows the running broadcasts in a list.
  7. Favorite programs - Manages your favourite broadcasts.
  8. Calendar Export - Exportes broadcastings to calendar-programs like Outlook.
  9. News - Shows news of TVBrowser.
  10. Print program - Prints the TV-program.
  11. Program information - Shows all information about one broadcasting.
  12. Search - Searches broadcasts.
  13. Showview number calculator - Computes the Showview-numbers
  14. TV Rater - Makes it possible to evaluate broadcasts and to see evaluations of other users.
  15. WebPlugin - Hand over broadcastings to web pages (p.e. for searching by Google)
  16. Clipboard - Collects broadcasts and deals them to foreign plugins.

Tutorial and Examples

  1. Filterrules
  2. Filterrules - Example: Subtitle

For Developers

  1. Providing TV listings
  2. Plugin developers