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The DVBViewer EPG DataService provides the EPG data that are stored by DVBViewer Pro.

Attention: Because of additional libraries it is not possible to start TV-Browser by executing tvbrowser.exe and must instead executed by running javaw.exe directly.


The ZIP archive does contain all necessary files the order they are needed in the programs directory of TV-Browser. The files com4j.jar and com4j.dll need to be placed in the same directory as tvbrowser.jar. The file DVBViewerDataService.jar needs to be placed into the plugins subdirectory.

Starting the TV-Browser

To start the TV-Browser a program link needs to be created with the following data:

Target: javaw.exe -Dpropertiesfile=windows.properties -cp tvbrowser.jar;com4j.jar tvbrowser.TVBrowser
Execute in: <TV-Browser program directory>

The path to the javaw.exe will be inserted by windows with the system directory. If another Java version should be used the complete path to its javaw.exe needs to be inserted. If the path to the TV-Browser program directory is not inserted into Execute in: Java will not be able to find program files and configuration data of the TV-Browser.


To get the EPG data from DVBViewer the channel list needs to be updated first. This is done by clicking the Update channel list button in the Channels configuration (below General settings).

Afterwards the desired channels to be displayed can be selected.

In TVDataServices->DVBViewer EPG there are additional settings that are described on the Settings DVBViewer EPG page. This page is also available by clicking the Online help button in the settings dialog of TV-Browser.