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You want to contribute to the TV-Browser project? Thank you very much. This page explains how you can do that.

Answer support requests
We try hard to make the TV-Browser easy to use, but it's only natural that there are support requests by our users. We really appreciate if experienced users answer questions for help in the English help forum as this gives us developers more time for fixing bugs or adding new features.
TV-Browser currently supports German, English and Swedish as user interface language. We always provide German (and English) translation for the main application and all core plugins, but we need native speakers to translate the application strings into other languages. So if you find spelling or grammar errors or if you want to provide new/updated translation files for TV-Browser, please check the I18N plugin in TV-Browser. There is also an English translators forum.
You can edit all the pages of this wiki, even the page you are just reading. So if you find that information is missing, wrong or incomplete, just add it.
Testing and bug reports
If you are an experienced computer user, you may want to test our latest builds. Please be aware that those builds may contain bugs, so don't use them in a production environment. If you happen to notice a bug, please report it in our English help forum.
If you are a Java programmer, you may want to contribute new features or bug fixes. You can have a look at our bug tracker to find bugs to work on. Please understand that we only give you write access to the source code repository after we have seen some patches from you. You can find more information for developers in the wiki.
As a Java programmer you can also contribute new features without writing patches because TV-Browser can be extended by plugins. You can find documentation about the plugin interface on the pages for developers.
Providing TV data
It is possible to provide additional TV channel data in TV-Browser. So if you have legal access to channel listings and want to provide these channel information for all the TV-Browser users, you can find information about providing TV listings or you can visit the forum for data providers.