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If you encounter errors that crash TV-Browser the log files can potentially provide useful error information to the developers.


Logging must be activated by modifying a configuration file. Logging cannot be activated in the Settings.

In TV-Browsers Program Install directory one of the following files (depending on the OS) exists:, or

Open the file for the respective OS (Windows = usw.) and modify the section "# The folder for logging". Remove the "#" in front of the path #logdirectory=... . Modify the path if required. Always use "/" instead of "\" (regardless of OS). "#" marks the start of a comment - any subsequent characters on the same line will be ignored.

The transportable version has no *.properties files. You need to add the #logdirectory=... line in the fiole settings.prop . settings.prop is located in ./settings/<VERSION>/ in the TV-Browser (transportable) directory.

Some Samples







Once activated the log file tvbrowser.log will be created in the specified directory. This file will be overwritten on every start.


To deactivate logging the respective line must be commented out by prepending "#" .