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[edit] "Normal" Plugins

  1. Overview Plugin Development
  2. Tutorial: Development of Java Plugins
  3. The New Plugin System of TV-Browser 2.0
  4. Uploading Plugins to the TV-Browser Webseite

[edit] "TV-Data" Plugins

  1. Tutorial: Development of a TvDataService
  2. There is also an alternative way of Providing TV listings.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  1. The TV-Browser Terminology
  2. The TV-Browser Coding Conventions
  3. How to checkout and build TV-Browser
  4. CIA: RSS feed of the latest source changes in the repository
  5. Ohloh: statistics about the TV-Browser project
  6. FishEye: statistics about the source code and the source changes
  7. Krugle: search the TV-Browser source code using a specialized search engine

[edit] Javadoc

The Java-Docs can be found here:

Alternatively, the Java-Docs can be generated from the source code. To do this execute

 ant public-doc
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